Sharon S.

The LARP program has been an invaluable experience for my daughter.  Eric and his team continue to promote and encourage group and individual creativity in a safe, yet challenging environment.  Each individual’s thoughts and ideas are respected, valued, and rewarded within a highly structured framework.   My daughter’s self esteem and self confidence have improved through the interactions that occur as a result of participating in same age groups and mixed age teams activities, assisting with newer participants, and dealing with random circumstances within a mixed age group. She has become more self-aware about her capabilities as well as areas of her personality that she wants to develop further. Through the LARP program she has been offered the means to improve or hone those and other skill sets. The participants learn about the Renaissance period, martial arts and self control principles of that genre as well as form a network of friends outside the classroom that they would not have met.  LARP enables a very intelligent, unique group of kids to have the opportunities that no standard curriculum or other after school programs can offer.