You need three things to live: food, water, and LARP

The winning choice from a game of family friendly Quiplash played during online summer camp.

What Students Say

What Parents Say


'The events this year have been works of art in my opinion. They have been doing for me what I like most about LAP - quality, people, good story, and thought-out mechanics - but I think it may be the opportunity to really LARP with folks who really commit to characters like the LAP staff that has really been blowing these out of the water. In short, it was a good time". - Adult player from Brewster, NY

“I have been going through severe LARP withdrawals since I left Massachusetts. There are other LARP groups out there in my area, but they don’t even come close to the community of LARP Adventure Program. The mutual respect, trust, and confidence in each other that the people in the community share is LARP Adventure Program’s greatest strength, and it is what elevates L.A.P.  beyond all comparison. Everyone is so passionate about making the experience the best it can be. In fact I’ve never encountered such an amazing creation that every member of the community can say that they helped to create anywhere else.” - Sam Bauman, adult player from Boulder, CO.

“Ye Olde Commons was the best event I’ve ever attended, as well as being the best camp I’ve ever attended. I don’t generally PC, and this was my first time PCing in a while. And it was incredible.  Thanks.” - Kenzie S, adult player from Arlington, MA

"Thank you for everything! Thank you for being a great program and letting me have fun". - Youth player from Arlington, MA

“Thanks so much for the event. It was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed everything and especially the fight against the Templar. The lighting was great! I know it is a lot of work for you guys to set up and prepare for the event so thank you again.”  – Max C.S., youth player from Arlington, MA

“This is the best thing I have ever done in my life.” – Hagan J, summer event participant from Canaan, NH


"I find that the LARP Adventure Program provides constructive ways to spark the imaginations of young people. Such inspiration is a route to success in life." - Bob Sprague YourArlington.com

"LARP programming, instruction. High quality organization. Great communicators! " - Andrew Mountford of BASEC, Inc.

“I find that the LARP Adventure Program provides constructive ways to spark the imaginations of young people. Such inspiration is a route to success in life.” - Bob Sprage, YourArlington.com, Arlington, MA

“I have worked with  Eric Love and the LARP program for over 10 years.
In that time I have seem some amazing results from the students who have participated in the program . Team building, respect for their community, respect for  each other, the environment and strong sense of responsibility are just a few of the core pillars that these kids have been introduced to in the LARP training. 

In fact I hire LARP graduates to work here at the Arlington Center for the Arts. During  my 17 years here at ACA,  the employees who have come out of this LARP program are the best . They are respectful, adaptable, creative, hardworking - in short dynamic to work with on projects. This LARP  program offers ( in my view)  participants the chance  to learn more about themselves and how to become good citizens, and even more importantly offers skills that teach them how to adapt to an ever changing  world.”
- Shanley Pam, Operations Manager, Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington, MA

"It is unbelievable the transformation of my son.  It continues to shock me how kind and how well my son is doing.  His LARP experiences are a critical part of his growth trajectory.  The concrete and specific way that students learn to take responsibility for the impact they have on others helps them become self aware in a whole new way.  It enables them to become a positive member of a community through developing consciousness of putting the needs of others ahead of their own.  The coaching he receives is effective and lasting for who he has become — both as a good person and in his potential to emerge as a leader in the world far beyond LARP.     Thank you Eric and Allison and team for supporting this incredible emergence of my wonderful son.  I cannot express my gratitude enough for the care, clarity, accountability and coaching you have given him over the years.  It has made a fundamental difference on who he has and who he will become." - Dickenson Courtney, Founder Acera Schools, Winchester, MA

“I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to get to know you (Eric Love)!  You are by far one of the wisest and most interesting people I have ever come in contact with.  Thank you for the advice.”-Kelsey Craig, AEC Staff Lesley Intern, Boston, MA.

“Eric (the Director) is very passionate about his work and clarity is found through his passionate communication styles… Eric creativity and personal magnetism give him attributes for success in anything he tries”.-Diana Weisner, M.ED, AEC, Arlington, MA

“Eric, the leader of LARP, is to be commended for his tireless efforts in promoting and leading this dynamic activity. He is respected by the participants as well as his team leaders and is known for balancing creativity, fairness, and discipline to make this an enriching experience for all. The activities are well controlled AND monitored by him.  He is very willing to protect the LARP participants from other kids who instigate trouble after school through mockery or attempt to create a hostile environment for the group. This type of leadership and courage are so rare and very much appreciated since it is hard to find even in the daily classroom structure and life.  The kids respect him even more for this type of support because they know he is there for them and willing to stand up for them.

He has created an atmosphere which allows for creativity, brainstorming, and free thinking while maintaining control and balance to make the activities challenging yet rewarding.    In addition, Eric is respected because he has set up boundaries for the group and continues to reinforce and enforce these guidelines that were established in a consistent manner.   Constructive criticism is offered as well as assistance which enables kids to have a means to deal with situations on their own. I would like take this opportunity to recognize his efforts in enhancing the kids’ lives and middle school experience.”– Sharon Standley, GZ/US, Arlington, MA