A Leadership Program and School of LARP Methods & Literacies for High School Students

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    Why join the Marshals Program?

    When students move from middle school to high school the curriculum we offer shifts to helping our students assume leadership roles. The Marshal’s program is more than just a class, it is an opportunity for youth to become teachers and mentors as well as game designers. This programming offers support as a launch program for college and professional life.

    A continuation of the middle school Heroes Academy® curriculum, the Marshals Academy® explores how to create the LARP environment and support others in the LARP experience. Throughout the year, youth will learn how to teach our middle school curriculum as well as perform research and development for said curriculum. This can include but is not limited to boffer building, martial arts, Etheraz game design, character creation, LARP games, costume design, stage design, lighting design, and narrative integration methods/tools.

    Who can be in the Marshals Program?

    This program is open to high school freshman, sophomore, and junior students with prior LAP curriculum experience. Those without LAP experience are welcome but need to inquire with the LAP office to determine eligibility. Contact Us

    Senior High School students wishing to continue with their education and experience with LAP should contact the LAP office to make special arrangements and education plans. Contact Us

    HS LARP students setting up lighting for a scene

    What is the Marshals program?

    Our Marshal’s Academy® is a high school program that employs project-based learning to teach individuals how to become active community members through transformational leadership through drama. We work with LARP event production skills, personal and community development skills, and, self-discovery through the community arts. The curriculum foundation is based on Jungian elements and Campbell’s Monomyth. Participants of this program are expected to work on community projects and hold themselves to a balanced personal moral standard.

    When time allows we also work with old-world traditions, community activism, and a martial arts black belt curriculum, and the study of historical artists and philosophers, in order to nurture mental and physical skills for self-actualization.

    Programming at the Evenda Marshals Academy® runs once a week in the evenings during the regular academic school year. Each class offers a unique focus and a different curriculum, with experience-appropriate materials for varying experience levels.

    We resumed in-person classes in the fall of 2021. However, if the COVID situation worsens we may switch to online for everyone’s safety.

    Program components: Classes, CIT positions & Certifications

    HS LARP Class (required): Our most popular high school class running for over ten years, this class teaches students how to design and run LARP events as well as the core skills to become an educator and community leader. Students are taught how LAP uses ICS design in a community arts environment to produce high-end production events.

    CIT Service (strongly advised*): As a CIT (Counselor in Training), you’ll be working directly with our instructors to help run the programs we offer to students in grades 4 through 9. Being a CIT at our programs is an opportunity to learn from our instructors, expand your own skills, and take on a leadership role within the L.A.P. community. During our programs, you might help run LARP games, teach martial arts classes, make props and boffers, or run workshops. If you’re ready to become a mentor in our community, take on more responsibilities, and encourage self-empowerment through creative play, consider becoming a CIT!

    * This program is not required as we understand that HS students may have extracurricular activities that may conflict with the CIT schedule. However, this is an important part of the course and cannot be opted out of entirely.
    We encourage our Marshals to look at the application for each season to see if any of our middle school classes fit their schedule. If they cannot commit to being a CIT for after school classes we will work with them to make sure they find a way to fit the CIT program into their schedule. They can sign up to NPC during weekend events or to work as a CIT during one of our Winter, Spring or Summer camps.

    Certifications (Required for In-Person events): Participants are also expected to have an active Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED certification if planning to run in-person events. LAP is not currently offering this training at this time due to the pandemic. Please visit the Red Cross website to sign up for classes.

    Where are the Marshals Program classes held?

    Regents Theater UnderGround Arlington MA Weds from 6 – 8PM

    How to join

    1. An active LAP Membership is required to register for this class.
    2. Then you will need to register for HS LARP through our online store.
      • You will only be able to register for HS LARP while you are logged into the site using an account tied to an active LAP membership.
      • Once you have registered we will send you a link to a Marshal’s Academy Survey to let us know about your personal goals for the year.
    3. The third step is to register for the CIT Program.
    4. Attend class: Know thy craft, get good, profit.


    At any point during the year, if a student is going to be missing from the LARP Class or a CIT Assignment, we ask that parents and the youth notify the L.A.P. staff as soon as possible so we can adjust accordingly. Email notification is the preferred method for both planned absences and last-minute absences.

    • Parents should send an email to
    • Students are required to email their instructors themselves to. (Telling them via Google Hangouts/Chat doesn’t count.)