After School Classes

2023 Winter / Spring Schedule

Middle School Classes By Location

Arlington, MA

Heroes Academy®:
LARP Discovery

Heroes Academy®:
LARP Games

D&D Heroes Quests

  • Fall Session: September through November – 2023 Schedule TBD
  • Winter Session: January through March – Session in progress
  • Spring Session: April through June – Registration opens March 14. Catalog preview starts March 7.

Belmont, MA

LARP Games

March 6th through April 10th 2023
Registration starts Feb 28th!

Winchester, MA

LARP Foundations

LARP Games

  • Trimester 1 – September through November – 2023 Schedule TBD
  • Trimester 2 – November through March – 2023 Schedule TBD
  • Trimester 3 – March 15 through June 9, 2023 – Registration is still open

High School LARP

HS LARP runs from September to June and can be paid for one of two ways.

Year in Full

Our academic year curriculum covers different topics intrinsic to LARP activities and community arts. We’re proud to say that our curriculum not only covers educational benchmarks for the theatre arts, STEM learning, multiple intelligence education and more, but we also foster an environment where youth can make lifelong friends and build a community to call their own.


Character Creation – Make original heroes to play LARP, discover your own personal legend.

Martial Arts for Self Confidence and Self Control – How to play the game with respect for oneself and for others.

DIY Projects – Build your own LARP gear, learn to think creatively and make solutions.

How to Play LARP – Learn the game rules and how to use your character abilities. Understand gameplay and mechanics.

Event Prep and Playing your Character – Time to celebrate all your hard work and apply the skills you have learned!

Dungeons & Dragons Sessions – Students will be able to explore our original world of Etheraz and learn how to run their own tabletop campaigns.

For each year the student attends our program, their skills with these foundational LARP and educational subjects increase. After three years of completion of classes and projects, students are encouraged to apply for our community arts leadership program called the Marshals Academy®. This is where youth learn how to host and run LARPs.

In addition, for students to progress in the program (i.e. gain experience points to develop their character), they must attend Foundations of LARP classes and / or our weekend events. Attending D&D without LARP Foundations classes will not earn experience points. We see these classes as a form of entertainment and a reward for the self-development, community development, and educational programming we do during the rest of the week.