Academic Papers about Edu-LARP of LAP

More Meaningful fun? Green Dragons vs. LAP An Ethnography Analysis by Jacob Schiller 2022

The Enchiridion: A Multi Media Handbook to LARP Critical Literacies, Communities and Educational Methodologies Phase 2 of 5 – CREATING, PRESERVING AND TRANSFORMING LITERACIES Submitted by Eric David Love For Master of Community Education – Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts – Summer 2017

Mind Games – 2016 paper on Hobbies and Personality and how they foster each other with a focus on LARP at LARP Adventure Program by Rachel Patchett.

Adolescent Development – 2016 paper on Adolescent Development in Groups with a focus on LARP at LARP Adventure Program by Rachel Patchett.

Project Evenda – Narrative_KJ, Project Evenda – Evaluations, Project Evenda – LCC Grant Proposal –  2013 proposal for Multigenerational Learning.  Project Evenda Outline for Non-Profit Planning for LARP and Education by Eric Love.

A Healthy Dose of Imagination – 2012 paper on LARP and LARP Adventure Program’s influence on culture by Evan Driscoll.

Counselling Minors through LARP– 2010 paper on LARP Adventure Program and the therapeutic technique, designed to reduce conflict in social situations, in which participants act out particular behavioral roles in order to expand their awareness of differing points of view by Kelsey Craig.