Staff Biographies

Our diverse staff here at LARP Adventure Program come from a variety of professional backgrounds. They possess skills and specialties across the broad range of activities that take place in our programming. All of our staff are working professionals with clear organizational responsibilities and purposes, whether they are members of the leadership staff, core staff, or auxiliary staff. However, they also participate of the same rank system that our youth participate in. In that way, they are instantly connected to the youth and share a community responsibility beyond their position with L.A.P. Thus, all of our staff are identified by both their rank and their positions within the program.

Eric Love

Director and Founder

An award-winning professional artist in the fine and performing arts, Eric has been teaching art, music, technology, science, theater, martial arts, and self-development for the last two decades. Starting in 2002-2005 with the Fine Arts Museum of Springfield MA, Eric has been developing the curriculum behind LARP Adventure Program for well over a decade.

From 2006 onwards, Eric began teaching his curriculum in the Metro Boston area until formalizing the organization in 2012. Presently, Eric serves as L.A.P.’s director, for programming and development. Having attained his B.A. in Fine Arts at Bradford College, Eric has achieved an M.Ed. in Community Arts at Lesley University. In addition, he is an initiated cultural leader in multiple traditions and holds five black belts in the Bagwa-Chung, Kendo, Aikido, Karate, and Kempo schools of martial arts.

His certifications include QPR Leadership, CERT-Safe, Mandated Reporter, First Aid/CPR, and other cultural leadership certifications.

Jennifer Iannaconi

Office Manager

Jenn is a self-proclaimed “Chaos Management Artist” and she has worked in a number of different fields since graduating from Hampshire College in 1998. At Hampshire she majored in Educational Toy Design, focusing her studies on play theory as it applies to child development. After a brief stint working in the toy industry, she switched gears to e-commerce & marketing.

Her work with LAP began in the spring of 2019 and she took care of many behind-the-scenes tasks like updating the website, putting together newsletters and posting on social media. After taking on the role of managing the IT needs that come from having a virtual office she then started building digital tools to make staff lives easier. In May of 2022, she accepted that the job title of Program Coordinator was the most accurate description of her role.  

When Jenn isn’t herding the LAP community she runs a size-inclusive online store for her geek-centric fashion designs.

Danielle Carey

Program Coordinator

Danielle come to LAP in the Fall of 2022 and dove headfirst into coordinating our various programs. She acts as a point of contact for our partner locations and manages our staff and CIT schedules. When not helping Jenn herd LAP’s community Danielle is a Twitch streamer and runs Dungeons & Dragons when she finds the time.

Nicki Bauman

Game Logistics Manager & Instructor

Nicki joined LAP as a student in 2009. Since then, she has taken a leading role within LAP, directing events, teaching at all locations and summer camps, and leading the Player Logistics team. In addition to her involvement with LAP, Nicki works full-time as an elementary school teacher. Her extensive classroom experience helps her engage and support our youth. Nicki attended Wheaton College, Massachusetts, where she studied English and Education. She is certified as a QPR Instructor and Emergency Medical Responder and volunteers as a Crisis Counselor.


Lobo Love

Assistant Director

Lobo is a dog with noble lineage, a descendant of the dogs cast as “dire wolves” on Game of Thrones. He received his Canine Good Citizen Certification in 2019 and is currently training to become a therapy dog. His responsibilities include eating cheese, playing, and making everybody smile. He enjoys belly rubs and ham.

Figment Audacity Johnson, Esq.

Of the legal firm Johnson & Cheese & Marketing Intern

This is Fig’s first job since moving to Massachusetts and she’s excited to learn about marketing and LARPing, just as soon as she masters her basic commands. For now her responsibilities include eating, sleeping and supervising all marketing related tasks. Her hobbies include digging holes in the yard and pruning trees to make sticks.