Beth & Chris S.

During the pandemic, our daughter enrolled in an online Dungeons & Dragons course. You’d think the kids would be “Zoomed out” but the instructors (DMs) were incredibly engaging and the campaigns were full of adventure and challenge. Our daughter spent much of her free time on character development and costume design. When she had the opportunity to participate in a LARP campaign she was thrilled! Over the course of 5 weeks, she had the opportunity to express herself in every way imaginable – strategy, leadership, design, character development, teamwork, physical challenge, acting/role-playing and good old-fashioned fun. LARP is a positive all-encompassing activity; it offers a safe and fun opportunity for expression and connection. We are so grateful for the dedicated team at LARP Adventure Program – a group of caring enthusiastic people with a genuine love of the activity and for the kids. Thank you!