Overnight Camp & Event FAQ

Are adults CORI checked?

All adults who walk onto an event or camp site (paid & volunteer) were CORI/SORI checked before they can begin working with us. We renew these checks every year to make sure we are kept up to date.

All staff members are personally interviewed by the Director and Office Manager and usually come from past community involvement (graduate students, parents/guardians, siblings, etc). We also do a prior work history check (for confirmation of identity and good work ethic)

In accordance with MA License regulations all staff members are required to be First Aid CPR / AED certified or higher.

All youth staff, including CITs, are supervised by Adult staff. All CIT’s attend leadership and community arts development training, as well as First Aid CPR / AED training.

What is the ratio of youth to leadership positions?

We hold to a strict 1:10 counselor-to-youth ratio on-site. In fact, in past years our ratios have been closer to 1:5, thanks to an excellent staff and great community support.

How do you handle bullying, hazing and abuse?

We hold to a strict set of community principles that encourage modesty, courtesy, integrity, self-control, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit. These are a key part of the school year and summer curriculums. In the ten years that we have been doing youth programming individually, and the more recent years that we have offered youth programming as an organization, we have never had a case of internal hazing or abuse. We attribute this to 1) the commitment of all our community members to the principles that we teach, and 2) our preparedness to respond to such situations. In order to uphold those principles, we have daily camp meetings with all youth and we have adult supervision at all times, including in the cabins themselves.

What if my kid has never participated in an LAP event before? How do they go about creating characters and learning the rules?

As a member of the LAP community, your youth is not just gaining access to events and camps, but to a whole world of resources and support.

With their membership, they gain entry into our virtual learning space, which includes Google Classroom complete with all of our rulebooks. This platform not only offers a treasure trove of information, but also fosters a sense of belonging and connection, as members can post questions and engage in lively discussions with one another.

But it doesn’t stop there. LAP is a community that thrives on collaboration and growth, and we understand that learning happens best when we support one another. That’s why we host free guild night events where new players can meet the community and learn the basics. It’s a fun and inclusive way to get started and make friends along the way.

Once registered for an event, our Logistics team steps in to ensure your youth has everything they need to succeed. They will work to create a character sheet and provide detailed instructions via email, guaranteeing that your child is ready to dive into the adventure and fully embrace their role.

And, of course, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page when it comes to rules and expectations. The first day of residential camp is dedicated to making sure everyone is well-informed and prepared for an epic experience. It’s a time to connect with friends old and new, and to be empowered by LAP’s transformative approach to learning and social skills development.

Yearly memberships cost $100 to start and then $75 in subsequent years.

Can I volunteer to work at the camp while my youth attends?

LAP prioritizes fostering an environment where campers can develop self-reliance and independence. Therefore, we do not allow parents to volunteering while their child attends our events. We believe that active parental involvement can inadvertently undermine the valuable lessons we aim to instill in our campers. By allowing children to navigate challenges, make decisions, and problem-solve on their own within the structured environment of our camp, they develop important life skills and confidence. We appreciate parents’ support and trust in our program as we strive to create an empowering experience for all participants.

We may offer events where parents and youth can LARP together in the future, so make sure you are signed up for our newsletter.

Are your events a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community?

Certainly! We are committed to fostering an inclusive and safe environment for all youth. Our dedication to inclusivity is reflected in our past Pride themed event in June 2023, and we hope to organize similar events in the future. We actively promote the sharing of pronouns and celebrate with students when they feel comfortable coming out to our community.

What are your safety precautions?

We have First Aid, CPR, and CERT Safe trained staff present at all of our events. 

There will generally be a hospital within a fifteen to thirty-minute drive of the site, depending on where we hold our event.

In all the years we have been running overnight events, we have never had to call an emergency ambulance.

If my youth is going to both weeks of camp do they come home over the weekend?

We are expecting youth who are registered for both weeks to stay on site over the weekend. Counselors will be leading low key activities while other staff manage pickups and drop offs.

Can participants do laundry on site?

We will not have access to a laundry facility. In an emergency staff can run items to a nearby laundromat but ideally youth should come packed for the duration of their stay.

Is there a set bedtime?

Bedtimes can be set by parents prior to the event or at check-in, or they can be left up to the youth. Our night activities often end around 11 PM. We are happy to encourage early bedtimes, but we find that youth are often very self-regulating and reasonable with their bedtimes. Due to the exciting and involved activities happening all day long, most youths are exhausted and fully prepared to sleep at 10 or 11 at night.

How many youths sleep in a cabin? How are they supervised there?

The campers are put into groups of 6, in addition to one intern/counselor per cabin. Different campgrounds offer different types of accommodations and groups may be set by gender and/or age depending on which location is hosting us. Counselors stay with the youth all day long and participate alongside them, forming close bonds with the youth. Group bonding activities contribute to excellent counselor-camper bonds. Most campers identify their counselors as their favorite staff members by the end of the camp session.

If my youth cannot attend camp, can I get a refund?

You may cancel your ticket order and request a refund within 48 hours of purchase. We will refund you the cost of the ticket minus credit card fees AND a $50 processing fee.

After 48 hours, event tickets are non-refundable. Once event planning is underway your payment will be applied to our costs for running the event and cannot be returned. We recommend travel insurance as explained below.

  • Travel Insurance: One of the parents in our community has kindly recommended a travel insurance service through Trip Mate. These insurance plans would provide financial protection in the unfortunate event that your youth needs to withdraw from camp due to something like an illness or a family emergency. Learn More
    • We want to emphasize that these insurance plans, along with their terms and conditions, are not within our control. Therefore, LAP cannot be held responsible for any claims you may have. However if you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Read our full refund policy.

Why do your overnight events and camps cost so much?

In the quest to bring you unforgettable experiences at our residential camps and events, there are numerous costs involved that often go unnoticed by our community. We want to take a moment to shed light on these essential expenses, such as fees for credit card processing and site rentals. As you dive into a breakdown of how we budget the income from ticket sales, it’s important to understand that while some costs, like site rentals, permits, and credit card fees, are beyond our direct control, others offer flexibility to ensure the best possible experience for all.

  • Rental: 8.5% (Campgrounds & permits)
  • Percentages: 30.50% (Wages for administrative staff, insurance, advertising, taxes)
  • Staffing: 18.93% (Counselors, Kitchen staff and NPC’s)
  • Catering / Meals: 17.77%
  • Supplies: 9.3% (Anything from art supplies to van rentals)
  • Giveaways: 5% (Camp shirts, tournament prizes… etc.)
  • Credit card fees: 3%
  • Profit: 7%

By unveiling these hidden costs, we invite you to deepen your understanding of the intricate workings behind the scenes. Our commitment lies not only in transparency but also in harnessing the power of community to realize our shared vision of personal growth, social change, and belonging. Together, we can make magic happen, igniting the spark for positive transformation in ourselves and the world around us.