Heroes Academy® Online

What is Heroes Academy® Online?

Heroes Academy® Online (HAO) was our answer to the call for virtual activities after schools were closed in the spring of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as after school classes turned into day camps over the summer. We have these day camps to thank for the following FAQ!

How do I register?

As of 8/30/2021 none of our partner programs are virtual. This may change as numbers rise due to variants and we will notify those who are enrolled if changes are happening.

Do I need to live in Massachusetts to register?

Nope! The best part about online classes is anyone can join. Even our partner schools will accept registration from residents of other states.

How do I access the class I registered for?

The week before class starts, no later than Friday, we will send you an email with the information you will need to join the Google Classroom and the link to the Zoom meeting for the class.

  • If you register with one of our partner programs you will need to join the Google Classroom with a code.

  • If you register through our website we will send you an invitation to the Google Classroom via email.

What are the technical requirements?

For all of our classes, we use Google Classroom*, Google Drive and Zoom.

For classes using the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons rules students will also need accounts on D&D Beyond and Roll20.

All of the above work best with the Google Chrome Browser. We also recommend Beyond 20 for Chrome: This is a browser extension that links D&D Beyond to Roll 20.

*Over the course of the summer we have learned that not all Google accounts are created equal. Students with the following types of email addresses will NOT be able to log into our classrooms. They may also have difficulty creating accounts for some of the other online tools we use:

  • School email accounts if the school uses G Suite for Education
  • Email addresses managed through G Suite for Non-Profits 
  • Google Family Link email addresses

If you are unsure if your youth’s email address is provided by Google you can check here: Google Domain Tester

What is D&D Beyond?

D&D Beyond is an official resource created by the publishers of the Dungeons and Dragons game rules and supplements. It is quite handy when creating characters, especially for games played via the internet. Participants will only need a free account to play.

What is Roll20?

Roll20 is a virtual tabletop that allows players to see maps and graphics associated with the game they are playing. It even has virtual dice for players to roll. Participants will only need a free account to play.

How do I get advanced tech support?

First you should check over our troubleshooting page to see if your problem is listed there.

If your problem is not listed, send an email to jenn@larpadventureprogram.com explaining what you need help with. If you can include screen shots of the issue or the text from any error messages you see that will help us find you an answer faster.