Online Class Troubleshooting

Online Class Troubleshooting

Things to check first:

The following are things you can check before contacting us if you are having issues.

Are you using Chrome for your browser? 

Most of our online tools work best in Chrome. Try downloading it and trying to attend class that way.

Are you logged into the right account? 

  • If multiple people in your home share the same computer check that you are not logged in as one of them.

  • If you have multiple accounts for any of the tools we use, check that you are logged into the one associated with the account, campaign or character you want to use.

Does your browser or any of your extensions need to be updated?

  • Instructions for this varies from device to device, but restarting your hardware will sometimes kick off the update process.

When all else fails, try clearing your browser’s cache. Instructions for clearing Chrome’s cache.

Known Issues with Google Classroom

“I tried joining a class using the code sent to me but I got an error message that it was invalid.”

We’ve found that this happens for a couple of different reasons.

  1. Typos: This seems obvious but tech support always needs to state the obvious first  JUST in case. LAP can’t customize the classroom codes to avoid codes with less confusing numbers and letters so try copying and pasting the code from the email.

    If you already did copy and paste the code, check that there are no spaces before or after the code. Deleting these spaces may fix the problem.

  2. Google Support has informed us that our version of Google Classroom is not compatible with all of their products. Therefore students with the following types of email addresses will NOT be able to log into our classrooms. They may also have difficulty creating accounts for some of the other online tools we use:

  • School email accounts if the school uses G Suite for Education

  • Email addresses managed through G Suite for Non-Profits

  • Google Family Link email addresses

If you are unsure if your youth’s email address is provided by Google you can check here: Google Domain Tester

Until Google Support provides us with a more permanent solution for this issue, we recommend using a personal Gmail account to join the classroom. If you would rather not check multiple email accounts you can create a personal Gmail account and turn on the vacation settings that will forward all emails to the student’s preferred account.

“I uploaded a file to the Google Classroom folder in Google Drive but no one else can see it.”

Try sharing the file to the Classwork section of the Classroom

Known Zoom Issues

“No one can hear me.”

  1. You may need to turn your microphone sensitivity up. Instructions for this varies depending on the microphone used. Check the manufacturer’s instructions.

  2. Check that you don’t have a video meeting open in another window or tab. If there is closing it should fix the problem.

  3. Make sure “push to talk” is not enabled. Instructions from Zoom Support

  4. We provide call in numbers in the Google Classroom Classwork session for each class. You can use these to bypass the microphone on your computer.

Known Roll20 Issues

“I can’t see the game on my dashboard.”

  • Double check that you are logged in with the right account.

  • Check that the invitation for the game was sent to the email address associated with your Roll20 account.

  • Check that you accepted the invitation for the game from the right Roll20 account.

Known Beyond20 Issues

“I can’t see the map.”

  • If all you see is a black screen, you may need to Zoom all the way out to make sure your view is on the right part of the map.

“Beyond20 is not sending my rolls to Roll20.”

  • For initiative, make sure your character token is selected.

  • For all other rolls, make sure there is not a box in the main Roll20 window asking if you are rolling with an advantage. This pop up can sometimes get missed when you have multiple windows open.