Overnight July Camp

On Hold until 2022

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Gallery of Past Events:

2019 Court of the Crimson King : Ye Olde Commons Overnight Summer Camp


The Heroes’ triumphs from last year have brought them knowledge and power against a world where all odds are against them. With the three Dark Lords returning to the world, now more than ever do the people of Etheraz need the Heroes of the Forlork Fortress to come to their aid. However, there is great darkness on the horizon that the heroes must face. What was once true will be revealed as false. Ambitions were built on lies, and the heroes’ world will come tumbling down. In the mists of despair, will the heroes will find the power to rise up and renew their hopes?

2017 Pursuit of the Lost


Back Feathers the Order of the 13 from the original fantasy saga Etherez. When mortals steal the essence of fallen gods and power is intoxication what will be revealed of humanity upon the canvas of time?

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