Fall Overnight Event Details

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Our recommendations for what to bring

As always, we encourage you to practice radical self-reliance in preparing for camp. While we put out this packing list for a reason, that does not mean it is meant to be used the same way by everyone. Think of this extensive list as a set of recommendations, some more important than others. After all, the only person who truly knows what you need is you. Label all your gear to ensure you gear your items returned to you if lost.

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    Packing List:



    • Personal Protective Equipment
      • Multiple Masks for duration of camp
      • Hand Sanitizer, One for tent, one for activity to keep on you and backup supply.
      • Personal Hand Soap
    • If you are staying in a tent: rainfly and all working parts. 
    • Bedroll, sleeping bag, sheets, pillows, extra blankets.
    • Washcloth & towel
    • Shampoo, conditioner.
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste.
    • Bins, Milk Crates or Boxes to Keep Craft Supplies handed out. 
    • Sharpie (labeling projects)
    • Roll of Duct Tape (labeling projects personal repairs)
    • Scissors (Crafting projects with duct tape, cardboard)
    • Personal Water Bottle or Camelbak and back up for if it’s lost. *
    • Sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.*
    • Bug repellent, with 48 acres of woods there are a lot of mosquitoes.*
    • Flashlight, headlight, lantern, extra batteries. Bring more than one light source for safety.*

    *Counselors will be making sure that youth are using / carrying these consistently. These are required to participate in activities.


    • T-shirts (black and earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Shorts / Pants (black and earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Hiking boots, leather boots, solid color sneakers (black or earth tones, no logos or brands).


    • Costumes, Armor, Utility Belt, Pouches, Boffers, Spell Packs, Alchemy Packs, Spell Books, In-Game Props, etc. Depends on your character and personal needs.
    • White headband or bandanna.
    • Yellow headband or bandanna



    • Personal first aid, medical supplies. Our staff is equipped with all necessary supplies, but again, radical self-reliance.
    • Trash bags and ziplock bags, for cabin trash, LNT, matter out of place, and, good for organization.


    • Sweatshirts, sweaters, polar fleece, warm outdoor top (black or earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Sweat pants, gym pants, activewear bottoms (black or earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Rain jacket (black or earth tones, no logos or brands – can use duct tape to cover up).
    • Pants for rainy weather (black or earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Hat or baseball cap (black or earth tones, no logos or brands).
    • Light socks, sport socks.
      • Extra socks in case of wet weather. You cannot bring too many pairs of socks!
    • Light gloves.
    • Long underwear.



    • Comb, brush.
    • Small backpack for day hikes.
    • Journal, notebook, writing utensils.
    • Glow sticks.
    • Folding chair.
    • Personal snacks, potluck foods (no nuts or peanuts).
    • Bag for dirty clothes.
    • Board games, card games.
    • Camera.
    • Theatrical make-up
    • Art Supplies.
    • Compass
    • Acoustic Instruments (drums, flutes, rattles, etc). One of our counselors this year is a trained classical composer who will have organized music-based activities for interested students!

    Camp Denison
    84 Nelson St
    Georgetown, MA 01833



    • Robert N. Morehouse lodge is situated overlooking Baldpate Pond and used for a variety of scheduled group activities. During 1934, Georgetown’s Alfred Tidd Builders began the process of constructing the Great Lode at Camp Denison Conservation Area. It is a tribute to his skills that the rustic lodge remains today in remarkably the same condition as the day it was built. The historic lodge is built around a large chimney that contains two large natural stone fireplaces. 
    • The Nature Center is the former Directors cabin when Camp Denison Conservation Area was a camp for underprivileged children. The Center, sitting directly on Baldpate Pond, has been completely restored. LAP is using the Nature Center as the Infirmary. 
    • The cabin area consists of the Girl Scout cabin, four individual bunkhouses cabin and an updated bathroom facility. Cabins are for LAP Staff. The Girl Scout Cabin is closed. Tent Camping will take place around the Cabins Area.


    • Baldpate Pond: The pond itself is a 66-acre great pond located in Boxford, MA. The western side of the camp property borders Boxford’s Baldpate Pond State Park and is 105 acres with numerous trails that follow the length of the pond.
    • Trail System: The forty-four Acre Camp Denison Conservation Area currently has 9 trails in the system, as well as access trails from the Lodge to 2 Parking Areas.
    • There are several open areas for tenting at Camp Denison Conservation Area.  An area right outside of the Nature Center, overlooks Baldpate Pond with many picnic tables.
    Forms & documentation

    All forms were due September 29th. If we are missing forms we will contact you directly.

    Travel & Carpooling

    For families traveling with participants please designate one parent/guardian for drop off and pick up. Don’t mix parents or youth with carpooling to the event. This helps reduce contact with additional people and minimize risk. If possible please have all individuals in the vehicle wear mask in order to take additional safety measures. If not possible please have windows down to ensure airflow.

    • Our mask policy:
      • Vaccinated participants: Masks and social distancing are optional.
      • Unvaccinated participants: Masks will be required.

    If you need to arrange a carpool you can fill out this form: https://forms.gle/g4rTXK3EBQT6pFVv8

    Click to view the carpool form response sheet.

    Medication authorization & prescription requirements

    As of the summer of 2019, children who require prescription medication are required to take the medication under the direct supervision of the on-site health supervisor and are required to fill out an authorization form. 

    This document is available in the Parent Portal for you to download and print.

    Please bring the completed form with you to Check-In. 

    Prescription Medication Requirements

    1. Children who require prescription medication must either;

    Store their medication with the on-site health supervisor in a safe and secure designated location to be self-administered under the direct supervision of the on-site health supervisor at the designated time it is prescribed. This is called Authorization for Storage and Supervision of Self Administration. 


    Store their medication in a personal private safe and secure space that is not supervised by the on-site health supervisor and participants will Self Administer Medication unsupervised. This is called Authorization for Unsupervised Self Administration. 

    2. All Schedule II medication must be stored by the on-site health supervisor, if your child is prescribed a Schedule II medication, please choose Authorization for Storage and Supervision of Self Administration. Medication will be self-administered only as directed by a physician. 

    3. To ensure that your youth receives the proper dosage, all medication must be kept in the original container bearing the pharmacy label which shows the patient’s name, prescription number, date filled, physician’s name, name of the medication, dosage, and directions for use. When medication is no longer required, it will be returned to the parents or destroyed. Important Note! If you’re processing Medication Authorization forms please read them thoroughly and have all medications in the proper prescription bottles with only the amount of medication required for a stay of the event (this is required for schedule II medications). Also have signed paperwork in a zip lock bag with your youth’s name on it to expedite the process.

    Drop off & pick up (Times and procedures)


    • Drop Off: 10 AM October 9th
    • Pick Up: 2 PM October 11th


    • Drop off will occur at the Cabin Parking Lot. If it is raining out at the Lodge Parking Lot. LAP Staff parking greeters will direct traffic flow and sign in placement. 
    • Late arrivals may have to wait to be check-in by staff members and are not encouraged. Contact us as soon as possible if you cannot make it by 10 AM.
    • Never leave a vehicle unattended blocking any and all pathways. This will keep the flow of traffic open for everyone and keeping emergency route clear of vehicles
    • All participants will undergo COVID-19 screening upon arrival. 
    • Important Note! We will be determining late-night permission and bedtimes during check-in for all youth. If you are carpooling and will not be present with your youth at check-in, please either communicate with the carpool driver or send your youth with a note regarding your wishes.


    • Pick up will occur at the Lodge Parking Lot.
    • We will run a similar process for departures as was run for arrivals.
    • Late departures may be charged late fees at the discretion of the check-out staff.

    Please call or text 857-204-3629 in the event of an emergency, running late, or other complications. 

    • Individually packaged meals & utensils will be provided for everyone who purchases the meal plan.
      • Meal times
        • Saturday: Lunch & Dinner
        • Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
        • Monday: Breakfast & Lunch
    • Participants with severe allergies or dietary restrictions will be able to access the kitchen at meal times.
    • Water is always available at main camp.
    • We recommend you pack your own personal snacks and drinks so you can eat when you want to outside mealtimes. 

    Do not bring nut or peanut products, especially for shared foods. We have staff members and youth with allergies.

    COVID Safety
    • All participants will receive a health screening upon arrival, including a temperature check.
    • Participants will be expected to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer at various times throughout the day. Participants will be instructed on proper handwashing techniques by their counselors.
    • Mask policy:
      • Vaccinated participants: Masks and social distancing are optional
      • Unvaccinated participants: Masks will be required indoors. When eating indoors they will be seated 10 feet apart from one another.
    • All staff will be trained in proper sanitation techniques.
    • All staff will be expected to sanitize program materials between each use.
    • Registered ticket holders can request access to our full COVID safety plan.
    • Advised Best Practices from Mass.gov:
      • Planned trips to surrounding areas and recreational facilities are permitted.
      • While off-site, camps/programs must comply with applicable face covering requirements and must plan for how they will isolate a camper/staff who develops symptoms and arrange for separate transportation to seek medical care from the off-site location.
      • Cohorts should be maintained to the extent possible during all transportation

    All staff members are CORI/SORI checked and have 4+ years of LARP experience with First Aid, CPR, QPR, CERT, certifications and more among them. 

    All of our leadership staff (and 18+ members of our organization) meet the MA License regulations. (CORI / SORI cleared, 5 years of prior work history check (for confirmation of identity and good work ethic), and, First Aid CPR / AED certified.

    All youth including CIT’s are supervised by Adult staff.  All CIT’s attended leadership and community arts development training regularly on an annual basis.

    View more staff information.

    In Case of Emergencies


    • Any incidents or emergencies that would happen on-site would follow MA regulations and protocols from the above certifications. 
    • In the event of an emergency please call LAP at 857-204-3629 (Eric), 617-999-5884 (Alison), or 508-737-3546 (Todd)