Dungeon Crawls for the
2023 – 2024 Campaign
Season of Eventide

Dungeon Crawl Quest Modules
For the 2023 – 2024 Campaign
Season of Eventide


LARP Adventure Program’s Dungeon Crawls are part of a series of evening events we call Quest Modules. Each Dungeon Crawl is an adventure planned out and prepared for during a Training Day Quest Module earlier in the month.

This series will determine the events of our Spring Overnight event.

We have partnered with a rock climbing gym to create a uniquely immersive experience. PCs will creep through the gym’s space surrounded by rocky walls while NPCs wait around the corner to challenge them. Or will the PC’s round the corner and find untold treasures?


Jan 27th

Combat Mods

Feb 17th

Sneak Mods

Apr 27th

High Value Targets




  • PCs:
    • Individual Tickets: $207
    • Campaign Bundle: $558 for all 3 days (Save $10%)
  • NPCs:
    • Individual Tickets: $159
    • Campaign Bundle: $423 for all 3 days (Save $10%)

A Season Pass for all 6 modules will be available at 15% off!

Event Schedule: Times may change closer to the event dates

  • Drop Off:
    • Staff & NPCs 4 PM
    • PCs 5 PM
  • Pick Up:
    • PCs 10 PM
    • NPCs 10:30 PM


Newburyport, MA (Full address is only visible to logged-in users with an active membership.)

Meals: Food will not be provided. Participants should eat dinner before arriving and bring snacks.

Required Forms & Due Dates: Legal guardians should log into the Parent Portal at least 3 weeks prior to the event dates to review all of their child’s information for accuracy, especially medical and insurance details.