Marshal Academy Survey

To be a Marshal with LARP Adventure Program is an extraordinary experience with the promise of great personal and professional development. Marshals will be able will be given special projects, exclusive training, and will begin their path to achieving the rank of Assistant Instructor following their graduation from the L.A.P. program.

However, to be a Marshal within this community is to hold a serious responsibility to all of its members and should not be a commitment taken lightly. All Marshals, once accepted, are asked to commit to a full academic year of the CIT program. In exchange, all admission costs to such programming will be waived; volunteer hours will be recorded and sent to the participant’s school, and recognition shall be given for their accomplishments with this leadership position.

Thank you,
The Staff of LAP

We are no longer accepting Marshals Academy® applications for the 2021-2022 School Year. Contact us if you have any questions.