Training Day Quest Modules
An Etheraz II Campaign for 2022
“Embracing Valor” Season

Training Day Quest Modules
An Etheraz II Campaign
“Embracing Valor” Season


LARP Adventure Program’s Training Days will be focused on leveling up different character builds each weekend. 

While they will have a narrative story happening in the background, this story will be determined by the events of Battle of the Bowers and is therefore TBD.

What is happening when:

  • Strength, constitution & fighter skills: January 8, 2022 SOLD OUT
  • Intelligence, dexterity & rogue skills: February 12, 2022 SOLD OUT
  • Wisdom, charisma & crafting: March 12, 2022 SOLD OUT
  • All builds: April 9, 2022

During the first 3 sessions, players who don’t focus on those skills will still be able to level their characters in addition to supporting their friends and allies!




  • PCs:
    • Individual Tickets: $160
    • Campaign Bundle: $576.00 for all 4 days (Save $64)
  • NPCs:
    • Individual Tickets: $120
    • Campaign Bundle: $432.00 for all 4 days (Save $48)

March Schedule

  • Drop Off:
    • Staff & NPCs 8 AM
    • PCs 10 AM
  • Pick Up:
    • PCs 5 PM
    • NPCs 5:30 PM


Georgetown, MA (Full address is only visible to logged-in users with an active membership.)

Meals: Food will not be provided. Participants should bring a bagged lunch and snacks.

COVID Safety:

  • COVID Vaccination is required for all participants and staff.
  • Everyone will receive a health screening upon arrival, including a temperature check.
  • Participants will be expected to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer at various times throughout the day. Participants will be instructed on proper handwashing techniques by their counselors.
  • Mask policy: Masks and social distancing are optional

Required Forms & Due Dates

  • All forms for January event participants are due ASAP
    • See sales pages for due dates for each individual event.
  • Legal guardians should log into the Parent Portal to review all of their child’s information for accuracy, especially medical and insurance details.