Is There Anybody Out There?

A Faros, Science Fiction LARP

Event Overview

This is a beta run of a science fiction LARP for teens.

There will be mystery, suspense, and maybe a little treachery as players try to suss out the imposters!

Inspired by the video game Among Us, the Betrayal on House on the Hill board game, and the aesthetics from movies like Alien & The Thing.

Our goal is to run this annually as a tournament-style event that will exist in their own unique story lines.


We’re calling this a beta run because we’re still working out the details of HOW this event will work.

Day 1: Game Design Workshops

On November 14th all participants will attend hourly workshops to hammer out the details for this game setting. Each workshop will be an hour and each youth will have an opportunity to have a say in the game design.

Day 2: Playtesting

November 21st will be dedicated to testing out all their hard work from day one.

Participants will play AND run the game for others to help fine-tune the game.

All participants will have opportunities to help run future events Is There Anybody Out There? events.


This event series will be open to teens in grades 9 through 12, that are still under the age of 18. HS Seniors who are 18 may volunteer to be staff at this event.

The themes of this game include tragedy and horror and may not be suitable for younger players.

Dates: November 14th & 21st, 2021

When: 11pm – 3pm

Where: Quincy Massachusetts

Max quantity of players: 12

Character Types:

  • 6 space truckers
  • 3 space marines
  • 3 space scrappers

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