Battle of the Bowers: Part One

An Etheraz II,
Medieval LARP

An Etheraz II,
Medieval LARP

Event Overview

Our long-awaited Run 2 of Battle of the Bywaters from February 2020 is coming in December!

Battle of the Bywaters got rave reviews during Run 1 and we have been waiting all this time for it to be safe enough to set a new date!

The story has been updated to fit with the current timeline of Etheraz II so players from last year will have new experiences. Inspired in part from the hugely successful Battle of the Bywaters event design and paired with the more open-world concept continually being developed and refined in Etheraz II we find ourselves returning to Baldpate Bowers armed with new knowledge and allies. 

The Adventure Continues

Shortly after the events in Kostel a scout has tracked down Forthwind and given word that not only are there survivors in the Southern Bowers but even word of an entire resistance. Given new determination with the success of purifying the Urge Wyrm of Cruelty, Angutar, and turning them into a being that calls themself “Benevolence”, it has been decided that now is the time to follow through with action.

Secrecy, allies, discretion, and tactics will be put to the test as our Heroes are tasked with infiltrating the Southern Bowers, home to Foeboksis, the Urge of Fear, and seat to their Hollowed-run military state. Make contact with the rebels, disrupt production and shipments of Elixir, uncover the Hollowed’s military plans and perhaps even locate the Fear Batteries themselves… if you aren’t turned in by your very neighbors first that is.

Prepare yourselves for an adventure unlike any before; shoulder to shoulder with enemy and ally alike…
Just remember though, you aren’t the only ones that had hard lessons to learn from Kostel…


  • Dates: 12/11 to 12/12
  • Pricing: $450 for PC & NPC tickets (meals included)
  • Ages
    • PCs: 9-17 (Middle School & High School)
    • NPCs: 14-17 (High School LARP student only)
  • We have reserved 7 cabins for participants so tenting will not be an necessary.


  • Drop Off on December 11th*:
    • NPC’s 9 AM
    • PC’s 10 AM
  • Pick Up on December 12th
    • NPC’s 3 PM
    • PC’s 2 PM

* Early Arrivals

HS LARP students are invited to come out Friday between 3 PM and 8 PM to help set up. (This is optional and requires pre-approval from the LAP office 2 weeks prior to the event. Send us an email if you would like to take advantage of this option.) Meals are not provided until lunch on Saturday. Adults will be on-site however supervision does not start until 9 AM on Saturday.

Sleeping Arrangments:

Cabins are not heated but insulated and have electricity. Winter sleeping gear is recommended in case of sudden drops in temperature. Sleeping Bag, extra blankets, and tarp recommended. This also means layers, dry, hats, gloves, wool socks, long johns, etc. In the event of a blackout, we want to be prepared so we can keep on enjoying ourselves and staying safe and warm.  Please check weather forecasts. We run the event rain, shine or storm. 

  • Cabins are monitored by adults.
  • In the event of an emergency storm or temperatures, we will move all players into the Alumni House which is heated and stop the event until it is safe.
  • An email with additional information and packing list recommendations will be emailed to ticket holders a week or two before the event.

We currently have access to at least 7 cabins. Participants will be housed in the following groupings.

  • Middle School PCs
    • Boys
    • Mixed (Coed / Non-binary)
  • High School PCs
    • Boys
    • Mixed (Coed / Non-binary)
  • Mixed Age PC Girls
  • NPC Cabins HS only: Mixed (Coed / Non-binary)

If the cabin space you want is out of stock you can sign up for the waitlist.

Meal Plans
Individually packaged meals & utensils will be provided.

  • Omnivore
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free

Please make sure to add any other food requirements (i.e. allergies) to the form when you order.

Ticket sales have ended. Sign up for our newsletter for information on our next youth event.