Embracing Valor

The aftermath of the Battle of the Bowers
An Etheraz II Campaign for
Winter & Spring 2022

Embracing Valor

The aftermath of the Battle of the Bowers
An Etheraz II Campaign for
Winter & Spring 2022


Embracing Valor picks up after the torrential rainstorm at the end of Battle of the Bowers 1. Our story continues after a storm came into the cave system and washed everyone away.

Each quest module is building up to Battle of the Bowers 2 which will be a spring sleepover event at the end of May! The season will connect the two events while revisiting old plot drops and lore while also moving the story forward.

Throughout the season plot hooks and quests will drop at each event.

  • Gurney lives and is determined to restore the strength of the rebellion against Foeboksis, he is leading training and mission operations.
  • Oliver Crumb is coming back with the recipe for the cures for the mine spores, and plans for passages throughout the Bowers cave systems. May be useful regaining the Bowers.
  • Say “Hi!” to Coyote to resurrect your fallen allies, he has an important herald for you from the dream lands. He knows of a way to make a certain unstoppable enemy an ally.
  • Dr. Feng has intel on Bowers North.

Want to level up fast and get them good skills?

Attend this season’s Quest Modules events now give more XP!

Quest Module Details

The winter / spring season is broken into two types of Quest Modules: Training Days & Dungeon Crawls

Missions from Battle Of the Bowers 1 will be featured with training at each mod day and executed at dungeons. Gurney, Dr.Feng and other Bowers Allies lead the charge!

The events at each of these Quest Modules will change the outcome of the event design and missions therein.

January is combat-themed, February sneak mod themed, March is rope play (yes there will be combat) and April is an assignation mod themed. Each training day will be preparation for the dungeon crawl later in the month.

The entire season is a chained mod with mods inside them (which are secret and unlock-able)!

Training Days: Single day, outdoor events

  • These modules will help ensure that players will have access to all skills and feats before the Spring sleepover event and the summer season.
  • Training day sessions will still have an overarching story and interactions. While the focus is on training, we always want to allow for some awesome story and roleplay!
  • Keep in mind you can learn many skills and feats without purchase. That way, once you have the Character Build Points (CBP) open, you will be able to get them straight away! Learning just gives access, it does not necessitate spending CBP.

Dungeon Crawls: Overnight, Indoor events

  • Exploring and discovering treasure and equipment and more in a one of a kind event venue designed like the inside of a cave system. This is the premier new england subterranean LARP environment!
  • In addition to the featured theme mission each dungeon includes an option to develop more mine spore cures as well as a hidden loot stash.
  • Dungeon Models have elements from Battle of the Bywaters 1 and E1 Vault design modules. Making for a perfect mix of a strike and environmental puzzles that create team building and awesome opportunity for character development.

For dates, times and other information visit the Quest Module Campaign pages