Battle of the Bowers

An Etheraz II,
Medieval LARP

An Etheraz II,
Medieval LARP

Event Overview

Our long-awaited Run 2 of Battle of the Bywaters from February 2020 is coming in December!

Battle of the Bywaters got rave reviews during Run 1 and we have been waiting all this time for it to be safe enough to set a new date!

The story has been updated to fit with the current timeline of Etheraz II so players from last year will have new experiences.

The Adventure Continues

Strap on your armor. Unsheathe your swords. Ready your spells. Go back to this lost battle and relive the glory of the Last Stand of the Dawn.

Fight you must – but what will you fight for? Fight for civilization, for a place in a warrior’s heaven, for money, for your comrades, or for yourself. And when the darkness besieges you and your comrades, will you give in? Or will you stand? Find out and be tested in the Battle of the Bowers.


Dates: December 10 – 12th, 2021

When: 12pm – 4pm

Where: Ashby Massachusetts